Keeping The Game Drive Going With The New Season Of Madden Mobile

When it comes to Madden Mobile, it’s time to rationalizing your expectations. It’s not about lowering them as some cynics would say, but checking them from basking in utopia. At the very outset, this game can’t emerge as a portable version of the renowned console series. It’s not like The Six million Dollar man; that technology is missing here. Nevertheless, the concerned developers keep trotting out and pressing this franchise in all iOS platforms, and despite still being a long way from becoming a full-featured, full-throttle madden match, the 2016 edition is certainly the best bet. The reasons are ample.

The underlying aspects

If you happen to be one of those folks who love to break out the torches and pitchforks every time developers like EA releases a new free-to-play offering, it might come as a sour news to you as it did to me.

  • The developers have learned to take things regarding monetization on the boil.
  • Madden Mobile is a game with madden cash and stamina system. However, it’s possible to play for reasonably long sessions after you’ve leveled up to a certain degree.
  • I found there’s always something to do. You never run out of activities, not in a season game.

The game inter-play

One of the most conspicuous aspects of Madden Mobile is that one segment from a full-blown head to head match and rotating or recurring live events will cost an equal amount of money as Stamina.

  • I found that the season formats are the closest you can play. You can consider these as real games of madden.
  • You can take control of both defense and offence. I noticed that EA has verily downplayed all the tap controls that were an existent feature in the last season’s format.
  • They did this in favor of a context-sensitive and virtual stick action button.
  • The result, though not very great, is still workable.

madden mobile 17

The game’s stocks

For impatient gamers, the leveling up mechanism can be quite maddening (pun).

  • The fact that you need to level up for unlocking more parts of the playbook can be dampener at times.
  • However, you don’t need to pay coins for using certain plays.
  • To me, the feature was a blatant and full-blown cash grab. It’s a relief and great development that the new Madden Mobile has shunned it for good.

The other aspects

The fact that the head to head mode is asynchronous was some sort of news to me. The game has come a long way and still the developers have kept it shin intact. Opponents take turns to alter, new offensive sides, or rather defensive players. That new directive is to pick particular players so as to guard you against others by scouting or checking what other players love to run. In case they call these plays and your squad’s defensive awareness and impulse becomes high enough, you’ll get the same effect like calling the right defense play or move in games like Tecmo Bowl. Since I just mentioned this reference, you can very well go and play that game too. You’ll notice the glaring differences. Madden Mobile has automated defense with gamers having little or no input there.

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